Player Profiles


What are player profiles?

Player profiles help you measure a player's performance across games. A profile includes various stats and a list of recent games played. You can access a player's profile by clicking their username in the Lobby.

Why do the stats in player profiles not match up with the stats in the Lobby?

Due to technical limitations, stats reflected in player profiles will only track matches starting this release version 0.5.0 onward.

What does   __________   stat mean?

Look below for more detailed documentation on how stats are calculated.

Why are you calculating   __________   stat this way?

Choosing how to calculate a stat is tricky. My philosophy is that a stat should measure either an objectively good action or a playstyle trait but not both.

For example, "Vote Accuracy" is an example of an objective stat. The rationale is that if a Fascist becomes president in hitler zone, it is an objectively worse position for the Liberal side - voting "nein" is always better. However, voting for a Liberal president is less clear-cut. A conservative player might opt to vote "nein" to gauge the votes and gain information, while an aggressive player might vote "ja" to take a gamble or gain trust. Therefore, votes on Liberal presidents are based on playstyle and shouldn't be conflated with an objective measure.

Feel free to send suggestions if you think a stat can be better evaluated!

You should add a stat to track   __________  .

Suggestions welcome! Send them through the webform or make an issue on Github.


All stats are calculated by the ratio: successes / instances. This documentation describes for each stat what constitutes an instance and a success.


All Matches

Instance: Game is completed

Success: Game is won

By Loyalty: Liberal

Instance: Game is completed

Success: Player loyalty is Liberal AND game is won

By Loyalty: Fascist

Instance: Game is completed

Success: Player loyalty is Fascist AND game is won


Vote Accuracy

Instance: Player is Liberal AND game is in "hitler zone" AND Fascist is up for President OR Hitler is up for Chancellor

Success: Player votes "nein"

Shot Accuracy

Instance: Player is Liberal AND executes another player

Success: Other player is Fascist

- Sethe